Applications of Instrument Valves

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Instrument valves are used to monitor and control the operating conditions of a facility to meet safety, environmental regulations, quality and productivity, profitable operation and stable plant operation objectives.

They are specialized valves designed to perform the task of checking for process-based factors including the test for chemical, pressure, flow rate, temperature, and acidity level in a flow system product. It triggers necessary KP-LOK tubing valves and fittings control intervention for optimal product delivery services in a flow control environment. It provides flow analysis capability for a safe and reliable product service system. There are various instruments that fit different process application in a flow control service industry as discussed further below.

The instrumentation consists of three main components:

  1. Sometimes referred to as the primary measuring element, to measure required physical properties.
  2. It transforms the sensor signal into a standard signal suitable for control system like pneumatic signal (3-15 psi), an electric signal (4-20 mA), a digital signal of Foundation Field bus, etc.
  3. It prepares the transducer signal for transmission without loss and then transmits it. Smart transmitters also send meaningful data about the status of the measuring instrument as a whole.

When choosing the right instrument valves for application, the following factors are the essential consideration:

  • Performance characteristics. It encompasses all the specs for instrumentation performance according to a specific process including resolution, accuracy, sensitivity, rangeability, dynamic performance, repeatability, etcetera.
  • Environmental conditions. These are a vital consideration for stipulating the necessary security specs for adequately working instrumentation concerning operational conditions and safety requirements.
  • Influences on processes. It defines the extent of tolerable disturbance to the operations during process measurement. For instance, the significant pressure likely produced by flow measurement procedures.
  • Process instrumentation durability and ruggedness need to be considered based on application demands.
  • Maintainability and operability. Ease of use, maintenance requirements, as well as operation and the running costs impact of instrumentation, need to be weighed.
  • Purchase cost: The initial financial cost requires consideration based on end-user requirements and situation.

Applications configuration

Three basic configurations of instrument valves are discussed below.

  • Single inlet and outlet Isolation valve. It offers the selection of isolation of a coupled gauge or other components to the piping or vessel operating process. It will affect eh maintenance of the connected device without opening the contained process to the surrounding environment.
  • Instrument valves with an added port. It performs isolation valve function on the outlet side. The added port functions as connection access for service, purging, sampling, calibration, or some other tasks meant for completion with the process in operation.
  • Instrument valve with a single inlet and three outlets multi-port valves. This valve is usually described as “gauge root valve” and performs some useful purposes with its multi-port outlet connections. Seldomly, two of the ports are plugged, and the gauge connected to the port present the several functional orientations of the instrument connected. It also enables a variety of applications by combining additional devices, valves, gauges, or other equipment.

Applications of Instrument Valves

When selecting an instrument valve, its worthy to consider compatible construction materials with the process media. Also, it is essential to be within the limits of the valve’s operating pressure and temperature of the process. Make sure to analyze every aspect of your application and review information concerning the instrumentation products in their current product catalog outlook.

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